This year at Divine Interventions we have chose Edmonton’s Youth Empowerment Support Services (formerly known the Youth Emergency Shelter) to be the organization we support this Christmas season.


YESS was established in 1981, offering much needed support for the youth in our city.  YESS offers food/shelter and various programs for some of the most vulnerable young adults in Edmonton.


The YESS program offers a chance to the youth who need it most.  The goal is to give these young men and women some respite from the situations they are facing and once ready, to move forward in a positive direction learning life skills that will help them survive and thrive.


Suffering is part of the human condition and it will touch us all in our own time.

That is why we have been given the gift of compassion and the ability to comfort others. I dream of the day when we all reach the awareness that the most rewarding thing in life is helping others, there is no greater joy.


Life is a journey for each of us full of joys, hopes, successes and failures. We are amazingly resilient beings capable of overcoming, even when all seems lost, if only given a chance.


At Divine Interventions, we are hopeful that our efforts will allow YESS to offer a few more of those chances.



Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all.


Dr Jay Haubrich (Owner) & Jillian Haubrich (Owner)