If you want a natural yet noticeable improvement to your skins tone and texture, consider one of the following wrinkle correcting treatments to fill fine lines and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Our experienced physician, Dr Jay Haubrich (Edmonton) will assist you in determining which of these treatments will achieve the results you desire.

You laugh. You frown. You concentrate. You might look, but not feel, angry, tired or worried. Over time, those expressions leave their negative mark on your face. Until recently, there wasn’t a lot you could do about it. Today, with Injectable Fillers (a simple, safe, non-surgical procedure that is available for even the toughest wrinkle) these deep creases and expression marks can be reduced within days.Dr Jay Haubrich (Edmonton) can treat all these issues very quickly and with a great deal of detail. One ten-minute treatment with a few tiny injections relax the muscles that cause the lines and wrinkles and keeps them relaxed for up to four months. As an added benefit, many people report a significant decline in frequency and severity of tension related headaches.

$10.50 per unit

Dr Jay Haubrich uses a Nueurotoxin to block muscular movement that forms dynamic wrinkles (with movement) and soften static lines (wrinkles at rest) while maintaining natural expression (never frozen). Dr Haubrich feels that less is more and that creating a subtle and natural result is most satisfying.

The approved Neurotoxins in Canada are Botox, Dysport and Xeomin

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Did you know that Neurotoxins are now the most common cosmetic procedure in the world?

Dermal Fillers

We use only the top of the line dermal filler called Teosyal. A soft, clear gel that is long-lasting and comprised of a hylauronic acid cosmetic filler. It can be used to reduce the appearance of fine lines around the mouth, increase volume in the cheek area as well as the lips. Dr Jay Haubrich has also used this product to help improve facial scars and deformities. The product can last anywhere from 8-18 months, making this one of the longest lasting dermal fillers on the market. This equal less visits for re-injection and a less costly treatment.

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