No one escapes the effects of time. Men that have skin damage, wrinkles and unwanted hair; we have created a relaxing and quiet place for you to come and achieve fast results with out the fuss. But…hey if you want the fuss, we can add that in too! All services are provided to you! (some exceptions do apply) Call and book in for your free consultation today. 780-439-1208

Laser Hair Removal

Listen up, Gentlemen! Laser hair removal is not just for ladies anymore. In fact, it has become the top non-surgical cosmetic procedure for the under 35 crowd for both men and women. Male hair removal has traditionally been associated with athletes—Swimmers, cyclists, and bodybuilders who feel that body hair can hinder their performance. Now, men from all walks of life are enjoying the benefits of laser hair removal.

Looking at ads in fashion catalogues you discover many pictures associated with simple chested, hairless, good-looking men. This is becoming the norm. Right now males join females in the search regarding smooth, glistening hair free skin! Divine Interventions encourages you to come in and get started down the road to a hair free lifestyle!

'Bro what's Botox?'

Is your appearance an important part of your job? Do you work in a competitive enviroment? Do you have to have direct contact with clients or customers every day?

If you answered yes to one of the above questions then you may be in need of some Neurotoxin, or as some men call it “Brotox”. More and more men are discovering that this is not just for women. This is a great alternative for men looking to soften fine lines and wrinkles to appear more rested and less stressed. Dr Jay Haubrich will provide you with a full consultation on what to expect and what exactly the results will look like.

Adult Acne

Acne can really cramp your style!

Adult acne is caused by sebum, an oily substance produced by the skin’s sebaceous glands. Sebum clogs pores, which attract bacteria and become inflamed. For some adults, breakouts are a result of hypersensitivity or overproduction of androgens (male hormones). Stop Acne in its tracks and come visit us at Divine Interventions, Dr Haubrich and his team will come up with a customized skin care regime/skin care plan for you that will have you looking fabulous in only a few short weeks!